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A Week in the Life of an Amazon Seller & ZonGuru User

How Do Amazon Sellers Work? How to Sell on Amazon FBA with ZonGuru

How do Amazon sellers work? Actually, there are two types of Amazon sellers: ones who only take care of things when they become unavoidable and those who plan ahead and streamline every task within a particular time frame. The second approach calls for a proactive mindset where one swiftly deals with things in a predefined manner— it makes for long-term success. As an Amazon seller who primarily banks on ZonGuru as my default toolkit, I naturally stick to the second approach and schedule my work with the tool into daily and weekly tasks.

How do amazon sellers work, and how to sell on FBA via ZonGuru all-in-one seller software throughout the week? Read on and see how my week goes with ZonGuru.

Monday— ZonGuru Seller Toolkit: Checking Email and Looking at Daily Numbers

Before anything else, I make myself a strong cup of joe to blow away the weekend’s sluggishness. Then, the first thing I do is check my email connected to my seller and ZonGuru account. Whether it’s returns, unshipped orders, guarantee/chargeback claims, or follow-up emails, I find it through emails.

After checking emails, there are particular daily tasks that I execute through different tools of ZonGuru’s seller toolkit. 

ZonGuru Business Dashboard: Check Daily Sales and Sales Distribution

Keeping track of sales volume as well as the share of organically and PPC-driven sales is a vital daily performance check for every seller. ZonGuru’s Business Dashboard makes it relatively easy to have your eyes on those important numbers. 

Since I do it for daily sales, I’ve to select the previous day from the custom range.

ZonGuru Business Dashboard for Amazon Sellers

After selecting and applying the date, the Business Dashboard provides all metrics and figures for that particular day/duration. 

When you scroll down the Business Dashboard page, you see the Sales Breakdown widget. 

ZonGuru Sales Breakdown

Here, you can see a pie chart that gives you a daily sales breakdown of organic and paid sales. You get the actual figures along with their percentages without running any calculations.

Check Daily Net Profit and Its Breakdown Along with Expenses

It is essential to know your numbers after leaving out the working expenses. Again, Business Dashboard comes in handy where you can find your daily net profit with all calculations already done by ZG’s responsive algorithm.

How do Amazon Sellers Work - ZonGuru Net Profit

You can also see a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand profit breakdown underneath daily net profit. This breakdown column gives you a detailed look at daily gross revenue, Amazon fees, Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), advertising costs, and refunds. With this daily detailed overview, you can find and resolve any doubtful and unexpected uptick in Amazon service charges. Similarly, daily ad cost is also a good indicator of how well you’re doing on the PPC and organic sales front.

ZonGuru Keyword Tracker: Check Keywords Rankings and Track Any Changes in Positions

A good optimization strategy is always about a robust feedback mechanism where you track keyword performance and change your listing content and PPC schemes accordingly. I use ZonGuru’s Keyword Tracker to have that daily hands-on overview of keyword performance. 

How do Amazon Sellers Work - Zonguru Keyword Tracker

Here, I add the ASIN for which I want to track the keyword performance. Then, I select the marketplace and click on the + Add button. It will return me a performance chart of the top ten relevant keywords for the given ASINs.

How to Sell on Amazon FBA - ZonGuru Performance Chart

You can see the following data points in the above chart. 

  • Search Volume: The search volume for the corresponding keyword in the last 30 days. 
  • 30 Days Trend: A visual representation of how the ASIN has performed for the corresponding keyword in the last 30 days.
  • Position: The current position of the ASIN for the corresponding keyword.
  • Page: The current search page on which the ASIN appears for the corresponding keyword.
  • Position Change: The position change for the ASIN in the last 30 days for the corresponding keyword. The plus and minus signs indicate ranking uptick and drop, respectively. 
  • Page Changed: The search page change for the ASIN in the last 30 days for the corresponding keyword. Here too, plus and minus signs show the improvement and decline in page position. 

ZonGuru Position Change Parameter

For me, the Position Change parameter is the key performance indicator here. By looking at this data point, I can see for which keywords my listing is doing well and where I need to replace the keywords or change their position in the listing to get better results.

Once you enter an ASIN in the Keyword Tracker, ZonGuru automates the performance tracking. This means you can come back whenever you want and see how your listing is faring for the given keywords. 

I check it daily because it doesn’t take me more than a minute or two to see the keyword performance for the ASINs I’ve already added there.

So, these are some tasks that I do through ZonGuru daily. Once you enter ASINs and set parameters, it doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to run those sales, profit, expenses, and optimization assessments.

Tuesday— ZonGuru Niche Finder: Keeping Tabs on My Niche

Besides the daily tasks that I’ve discussed above, there are some weekly things for which I’ve assigned different days of the week. For instance, I discover new competitors on Tuesdays and also see how the old ones are doing by using ZonGuru’s Niche Finder.

How to Sell on FBA - Zonguru Niche Finder

Select the product category, and Niche Finder returns you a list of 50 niche keywords related to that product category. You can also search for the seed keyword of your product and get a list of 50 related niche keywords. 

Then you can click on any keyword to find the top ASINs currently ranking for that keyword, along with some interesting scores and metrics. 

How to Sell on Amazon FBA - Asins Ranking

Here, I was looking at the ASINs ranking for the keyword “dog reflective collar”. In a glimpse, I got to find out their price, ratings, monthly sales volume, and Listing Strength (LS) index. LS is a score that Niche Finder calculates while factoring in multiple attributes of the given ASIN. The higher LS score means the corresponding ASIN/listing is tougher to beat. 

This weekly review helps me with a couple of things: 

  • Discovering new competitors entering the niche
  • Keeping an eye on the performance of old ASINs 
  • Assessing the level of competition for a particular niche keyword

Wednesday— ZonGuru Email Automator: Taking Care of Email Campaign

Amazon allows you to harness customer engagement via email while playing within its Terms of Services. You must capitalize on that opportunity to consolidate your business. However, crafting follow-up and feedback emails and sending them to relevant buyers can be tiring, especially without automation. 

I use ZonGuru’s Email Automator to cut all this work in less than half. Every Wednesday, I go to Email Automator to review the previous campaigns and create new ones. 

Email Automator allows you to create new email templates from scratch and provides many readymade templates from its library. 

Using Email Automator is as easy as it gets.

Name your campaign (e.g. Feedback campaign for XYZ product), add the ASINs for which you want to run that campaign, select the marketplace, enter the subject, and write down the email to make your own template. 

How do Amazon Sellers Work - Email Automator

You can also add attachments (e.g. a user guide).

ZonGuru Attachment

Finally, you need to customize specific settings to make your email campaign work like a well-oiled machine. For instance, you should choose how many days after the shipment and delivery of the product to send the email. Then you can select the days and time of the day when you want your buyers to receive those emails. 

Email Automator also lets you exclude orders with negative feedback and refunds from your email campaigns. 

Zonguru Email Automator

Every week I review the email campaigns already in progress for all the online listings.

Thank You Email

ZonGuru Online Listings

This is a Thank You Email along with a Yoga guidebook for the four yoga mat ASINs I’ve listed. I’ve automated the email campaign where every buyer of any of those four ASINs gets this yoga e-book in their inbox seven days after the delivery of the product. 

Also, those who have left negative feedback on the product don’t get this email (there is no point in sending thank you email and guidebook to those who haven’t liked your product, right?).

Thursday— ZonGuru Sales Spy: The Reconnaissance Mission

Every Thursday, I go on a reconnaissance mission to see how my main competitors are doing. This expedition involves finding out their sales numbers and any significant changes to their listings. 

ZonGuru’s Sales Spy and Product Pulse are my confederates in this reconnaissance mission.

For instance, I use Sales Spy to learn about the sales volume, revenue, estimated profit, and BSR of my competitor ASINs for the last seven days.

How do Amazon Sellers Work - ZonGuru Sales Spy

I use Product Pulse to detect the changes to listing content and features.

ZonGuru Product Pulse

Product Pulse reveals the modification to several listing features. For instance, it tracks price and lets you know if your competitor has changed the pricing to undercut your listing in the niche. In addition, I personally look at the modifications to the Title, Bullets, Description, and Backend Keywords. The changes in those sections mean the competitor might have added, replaced, or removed keywords to improve listing optimization. 

Friday— ZonGuru Business Dashboard: Inventory Appraisal and Planning

Before the start of the weekend, I look at my inventory status to make sure the supply chain of my Amazon business runs smoothly. Again, a feature of ZG’s Business Dashboard comes in handy.

How to Sell on FBA - Zonguru Inventory Supply

The Inventory Supply widget on Business Dashboard gives you an overview of how you are doing with inventory for different listings. The In-Stock column shows the number of units available in fulfillment centers for delivery. The Take Action column serves as a reminder when you need to restock the inventory from the supplier. 

You need to provide ZonGuru with some relevant pieces of information to use this Business Dashboard feature. For instance, you have to provide manufacturing time, shipping time, and 3PL stock count to ensure this Inventory Supply tab can automatically work and give you timely prompts about restocking. 

Final Words

My all-week FBA work makes it quite clear that ZonGuru is not a one-dimensional tool only useful for a limited number of tasks. From monitoring keywords to business performance and keeping tabs on competitors to streamlining inventory management, this tool helps answer the questions “How do amazon sellers work?” and “How to sell on Amazon FBA?”

Finally, like this weekly roster, there is also a comprehensive checklist that I use to streamline my daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks as an Amazon seller. Want to take a look? You can download it here.

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